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Engaged in the production and sales of injection molded parts, mold design and development,
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Shanghai Chiefland Electronics Co., Ltd

It is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sales of injection molded parts, mold design and development, production and sales services. It has a high reputation in the industry. It was established in 1990 and is a Taiwanese-owned enterprise.

The company's advanced equipment, the main production equipment: Japan FANUC precision injection molding machine, milles precision electric discharge machine, precision wire cutting machine, precision CNC machining center, etc. are imported from abroad. The testing equipment is advanced and complete, with precise microscope, optical projector, OGP, and three-dimensional measuring instrument with an accuracy of 0.001mm. Using computer-aided design systems and high-tight manufacturing and testing equipment, we provide customers with a wide range of molds and accessories for designing and manufacturing high precision. Production of connectors (including connectors for communications, automotive, electromechanical equipment, etc.) for internationally renowned companies such as TE (Suzhou), Borgwarner, TE (Shanghai), Ficosa, Shanghai Bell, and American Marconi, with excellent product quality and The service has won the majority of customers.

Strong technical force, technical staff with many years of rich experience, skilled workers, with a group of high-quality technical, management and technical workers. The company always attaches great importance to quality management and product quality. The company adheres to the company's "innovation, innovation, innovation and newness" with strict and comprehensive quality control, meets the most demanding quality requirements from the world, and has established a perfect The quality management system passed the Shanghai Bell certification in 2004, passed the ISO9002 quality system certification of SGS in 1999, and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2003.

The environment is the reliance of human survival. The company attaches great importance to environmental management. It has always strictly controlled environmental factors in product processes and all activities. The products produced by the company are light pollution projects. The overall environment of the company is good. There has been no environmental accident since its establishment. The illegal act took place.


Shanghai Chiefland Electronics Co., Ltd

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